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The most valuable thing you get from working with Bibby & Co is freedom. That’s right – we give you the freedom to get back to what you really enjoy. We know you didn’t go into business just so you could spend your days stressing about accounts or reconciliations. Let us help you out.


What if we told you accounting doesn’t have to be confusing? With Bibby & Co, we make accounting really simple. First of all, we’ll help you streamline your business using modern technology like Xero and QuickBooks Online. These cloud accounting tools allow you to save time that you would have previously wasted on tasks like data entry.

Outsourcing your accounting to us gives you access to a dedicated team, led by Jeffrey S Bibby, CPA. You get direct access to Jeff and can talk to him about any problems your business is facing. We love to help our clients save time and reduce their stress with things like budgeting, cashflow, forecasting and more. You don’t just get a bunch of numbers and reports with Bibby & Co, you get insights and practical advice as well. Find out more about our Consulting services.


Does bookkeeping make you break out in a cold sweat? We see many business owners who come to us completely burnt out. Typically they’re working long hours and then have to spend even more time trying to sort their bookkeeping. Your books don’t have to cause that sort of stress. With Bibby & Co, we turn that all around. Handing over the accounts to us means they’ll be squeaky clean and you’ll have time to get back to what you enjoy most.

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